The SIforAGE Project – Social Innovation for Active and Healthy Ageing for Sustainable Economic Growth (7th Framework Programme of the European Commission) – has brought together a Consortium of seventeen partners and many registered stakeholders from many countries in research directed at improving the quality of life for ageing populations across the world. The focuses of research have been healthier ageing; societal participation and inequalities; policy-making for ageing communities; services and new technologies for older people; social innovation programmes; decision-making, training, and ethics; the presentation and distribution of innovative, ageing-related products, measuring social impact of research on ageing; and service solutions for older people.

During the SIforAGE International Conference, the results of the research carried out by the Consortium partners will be presented, and an opportunity will be provided for other researchers from all parts of the world working in the field of ageing, to present their findings in several panels created to discuss topics of current interest and significance, especially in the field of social innovation.

The Shared-Experience Café provides an opportunity for those members of SIforAGE Consortium Partner groups and registered stakeholders to present their ideas, experiences, and knowledge in the development, design, production, and commercialisation of innovative, ageing-related products.

The SIforAGE research results, together with the findings of researchers presenting papers and posters at the Conference, will provide a vision of the nature of society and the quality of life to be expected in the near future – a new world, a new reality – at a time when global, generational imbalances are on the brink of further aggravation.

The End-of-Project Symposium, to be held at the CaixaForum (Barcelona) – Social and Cultural Centre of la Caixa Foundation – will constitute a coda for The SIforAGE Project, bringing together stakeholders from many fields of interest – researchers, policy-makers, representatives of private organisations, etc. – and members of the general public. The aim of this final event will be threefold, namely:

1. to present SIforAGE results and discuss them with stakeholders;
2. to strengthen, deepen, and give a boost to the SIforAGE network so that it may last long after the end of the Project;
3. to celebrate a high-attendance, public impact event on the topic of Social Innovation for Active and Healthy Ageing.

Representatives from companies, research centres, and civil society working together at a three-day Conference in Barcelona.

SIforAGE may end as a Project, but the work for a “Society for All Ages” will definitely go on!