SIforAGE periodically delivers public documents and videos of its work. The aim is to keep both the Project’s stakeholders, and members of the general public who may be interested, updated on the Project’s achievements. Both documents and videos are duly presented in such a way as to make them more appealing, accessible, and easy to understand for a wide audience. This strategy responds to one of the main challenges of The SIforAGE Project, namely, to engage both researchers and the civil society in the Project, thereby raising awareness of the challenge that is ageing.

To sum up, some of the results already published are: a Policy Recommendations Guide on Active and Healthy Ageing; reports on the Technology Experience Cafés (TECs); intervention programmes with children and focus groups; the spot of SIforAGE; videos of the Mutual Learning Sessions; interviews with experts on ageing challenges; a report on “Research Beyond the Labs,” etc.

Check out the main results on the SIforAGE website, or contact us!

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