Prime Time

Glòria Aran is a television star known throughout the country for her lead character in the soap opera Gent de Sort, which will celebrate soon its 40th anniversary on the air. Today she has a date with Gina Guasch, the current producer of the show and daughter of her former mentor. Gina has a surprise for her, which includes the arrival of a new head writer to the team…

Prime Time is a brief but intense piece where three characters related to the television world will have to question what it means to become old in an environment where youth is promoted and sold. From very different professional and vital positions, the three of them will find out that success, as the vision of the age, is as volatile as the markets, audiences, and its changes of perception.

Nurosfera invites you to see the piece that has staged for the European project SIforAGE, which premieres in its final conference with the splendid collaboration of Imma Colomer in the title role. In her new work with the company, Imma Colomer honors the title of the play with a magnificent and full-of- life performance that no one should miss. Ultimately, Prime Time dismantles many stereotypes that prevent us from understanding old age, and do not let us enjoy our own travel through time.


Cast: Imma Colomer, Ferran Farré and Núria Casado
Author: Núria Casado Gual
Costumes: Aggelo’s (Imma Colomer’s clothing) and Nurosfera
Consulting hairdressing: Toni Santos
“Gent de Sort” themes: Jordi Cano
Photography: Josep Maria Cortina
Translation of English supertitles: Miquel Marta and Brian Worsfold
Director and video: Oscar Sanchez H.
A Nurosfera production for SIforAGE

Acknowledgements: Espai47 (Lleida), Aitor Guinea, Sofia Martin, Anna Palomo, Enric Pinyol (“correspondent”), Maricel Oró, Olga Rovira, Maria Vidal, Teatre Lliure.

Prime Time opens at CaixaForum in Barcelona on Friday, October 21, 2016 at 5.30pm. Free entry.

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